Our Mission

Tobacco Road Dance Productions produces, supports, and encourages local dance in North Carolina’s Triangle region. Our annual concert provides area choreographers the opportunity to present their work in a fully produced and marketed performance. Each presenting choreographer works with a team of professionals to evaluate and improve their dance-making and writing skills. We provide networking and mentorship opportunities for emerging choreographers and dancers by involving established professionals in the adjudication and feedback process. Tobacco Road Dance Productions develops greater quality in local dance by engaging participants of all experience levels throughout the entire creative process. The presentation of a shared show creates performance opportunities that might otherwise reach beyond individuals’ financial and audience outreach capabilities and provides further incentive for young artists to remain in our growing artist community.

The Tobacco Road Dance Productions annual concert will be an event that dance lovers can look forward to attending each year to enjoy our strongest local dance works. We hope that the audience will discover new choreographers to follow within the community, and that they will enjoy the variety of the showcase. We further hope that the growth of a richer arts foundation will engender a stronger community to support local businesses. Tobacco Road Dance Productions strives to benefit not only the dance artists who call this region home, but also the community they love.