Tobacco Road Dance Productions: In Concert 2019

Dates and Times: May 3rd 2019, 7pm; May 4th 2019 2pm & 7pm

Location: Durham Arts Council's PSI Theater, 120 Morris St. Durham, NC

the gala

In Concert is TRDP's annual choreography showcase. Choreographers may apply to In Concert, generally in the summer for a performance the following spring. Applicants can propose existing works to be revamped or concepts for a new work. We believe asking for applications rather than inviting choreographers helps to diversify the dance produced in the area. Applicants will have their proposals reviewed by a panel of local dance experts and enthusiasts that will change each year. All applicants, regardless of selection, may choose to receive critical feedback on their writing, marketing, and proposals. This is one of many steps TRDP takes to improve the quality of dance in the area. 

If a choreographer's work is selected to be part of the Tobacco Road Dance Productions season, the artist can expect to participate in four choreography workshops. During this phase, the panelists will offer critical feedback on the work so far and the entire TRDP community will discuss process, results, and the experience of each dance. Established choreographers might enjoy trying new ideas or a new creation process. Emerging artists will especially benefit from these academic style sessions, as well as the mentorship provided by the panelists. We believe this involved process between the choreographer and producer will turn out more thoughtful, developed dances for In Concert. More importantly, we believe it will translate into more thoughtful, developed dance makers within our growing Triangle dance community. We are excited about this process!

Finally, the process results in a fully produced and marketed performance. Tobacco Road Dance Productions takes on the administrative work so that dance artists can focus on their art. The shared show allows choreographers at all stages of their careers to focus on making valuable, short dances.