Please email applications to and use the paypal button to pay the required application fee of $20.

2019-2020 Season and Annual “In Concert” Application Due July 1, 2019 by 5pm

Choreographer or Company Name:

Contact Person:

Mailing Address:

Preferred Phone Number:

Email Address:

Social Media Handle:


Choreographer or Company Name as it should appear in all publicity materials:

Are you available for performance and tech April 29th - May 2nd 2020 in Durham? (mandatory)

Are you available for TRDP workshops on September 22nd, November 17th, January 26th (2020), and March 22nd (2020) from 10-2 in Durham? (mandatory)


Title of Proposed Work:


Number of Performers:

Date of Premiere:



Props Used:

Technical Needs:

Describe the general mood of the piece: 


Have you scheduled other performances for this dance or applied to other programs? When and where?

Please describe the proposed work. One attached page, maximum 500 words.

Video Work Sample Information. 

Please provide Vimeo or Youtube Links to 2 work samples.


Is the dance shown the work you propose to show in the TRDP In Concert 2020?

If yes, when and where was this particular performance?

When and where else has this work been performed?

How do you intend to rework this piece? 

Why do you want to revisit this piece?

If the video work sample is NOT the work you propose to show, what is the title of the sample work?

When and where did it premiere?

How does it represent your body of work?